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26 Nov 2012, 03:07:00 +0000
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Dijual: Christmas Gift Titleist CB 712 Irons

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Titleist® CB irons are traditional forged blades that offer solid feel, contemporary looks and advanced shot control for the highly skilled golfer. CB irons feature a shallow cavity with an inner cavity muscle behind the impact area, short blade lengths and minimal progressive offset for both trajectory and shot shaping control. CB irons also feature a slightly wider, fuller sole for players who are more aggressive through the ground.


The Titleist CB 712 irons replace the 710 model of the same name and given that it was so successful, there are not any major changes. The biggest visual change is the chrome satin finish which we think looks great. The sole is a little wider and the trailing edge on the back of the head has a little camber on it, both of which make it a little more playable.


Titleist CB irons, contemporary forged blade irons with maximum shot control.

- Traditional Solid Feel: through the compact head shape and optimized shallow cavity with an inner muscle behind the impact area

- Maximum Shot Control: from the minimal progressive offset and traditional constant blade length design

- More Playable: versus MB through the cavity back design

- High Performance Sole: with a blunted leading edge and cambered bounce surface for smooth turf entry and release

- New Satin Finish: preferred by many tour players

- Superior Appearance: with a thin topline and rounder profile for a classic, but contemporary look


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