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Dijual: NEW!! R11S Fairway Woods - Superior Tuning and Easier to Launch

The TaylorMade R11s Fairway Wood also comes with Movable Weight Technology (MWT). The MWT first appeared with the R7 series of drivers, and it allows a golfer to adjust weights in a club head to where he deems it necessary. This in turn will change the trajectory of a ball after impact, increasing the distance covered and tightening control as needed.  More golf clubs for sale at .


R11S fairway woods improve on the adjustability established in R11 fairways. R11S fairways combine Adjustable Sole Plate Technology (ASP) with Flight Control Technology (FCT) in a high- performance steel fairway wood. The combination of ASP and FCT gives the player 24 ways to set up the R11S fairway.


The TaylorMade R11S Fairway Wood offers up to 24 different settings designed to promote maximum performance and increased distance.


    Adjust the loft up or down (±1.5 degrees) with Flight Control Technology (FCT)

    Adjust the face to square, closed or open (±2 degrees) with Adjustable Sole Plate (ASP) Technology

    24 possible combinations of face angle and loft to dial in distance and accuracy

    Low and forward CG location promotes faster ball speed and easier launch

White crown and black face makes alignment easy and eliminates glare on top


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