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04 Dec 2012, 09:04:12 +0000
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Dijual: Cheap RocketBallZ RBZ Driver $239.99 means longer and straighter

I just tried my new cheap RocketBallZ RBZ driver for the first time yesterday. I took a couple of swings with it and I immediately noticed the difference in control, and distance. With my old driver, I hit the ball on average of about 260-280 with a swing speed of around 105. With this club I hit the ball on average of 20/25 yards farther.


For me, this cheap RocketBallZ RBZ driver qualifies as a quantum leap in club technology and warranted a purchase. My playing partner was so impressed that he is going to get one for himself!!! I highly recommend this to any golfer that wants to hit it long and straight!!!


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