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Dijual: Signal Booster 900MHz AT408C

AnyTone Amplifier for phone AT 408C l Penguat Sinyal GSM l Penguat Signal GSM l Repeater Booster GSM l Signal Booster GSM


Amplifier for phone AT 408C is designed For Vehicle Use. It was developed to amplify the signal inside the vehicles. AT 408C works at a frequency range of 800/850 MHz.

This amplifier adopts advanced filtrating technology, full-duplex design with high isolation between uplink and downlink.

Amplifier for phone AT 408C works with flexible range of auto-adjustment for electronic level and also high-quality amplifier to ensure free communication for people inside vehicles. AT 408C amplifier for phone used for vehicles which cathode grounds. Amplifier for phones AT 408C is practical and easy to install and use.

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