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05 Jun 2013, 06:26:48 +0000
Dijual: Repeater Indoor GSM Amplitec 10


Repeater Indoor GSM Amplitec 10 Dual Band l Penguat Sinyal GSM Dualband l Repeater GSM 900MHz-1800MHz

Product Feature

* Provide quick coverage solution for small signal weak & block zones, reduce drop/ off calls.
* Compact size, low consumption, easy installation, great cover.
* Cover about up to 500 m² without block or obstruct.
* Reduce cellphone transmit power and radiation, extend cellphone battery life.
* High linear design, low interference to BTS.

Repeater series

* Ouput power for 10dBm, wide band in dual system of GSM+ DCS
* Repeater models: DG-10

Kelengkapan Isi Paket : 

* 1 Unit Booster / Repeater
* 1 Unit Antenna Panel Outdoor
* 1 Unit Antenna indoor omnidirektional
* 1 Unit Kabel Power Adaptorak
* 10 Meter Kabel Belden RG-6
* Konektor, Braket, Buku Manual.

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