Many approach is used to get more inbound link from the internet.

  • Link Exchange: the most common way, but you also need to provide link back to your partner. In communlative you will get almost zero point from the ranking calculation
  • Social Bookmark: start bookmarking your site using the online bookmark manager. You don’t need to provide link back to you bookmark manager. You get an advantage. The effort is you or people need to bookmark your site one by one.
  • Rss Feed: Almost similar with social bookmarking, you don’t need to provide a link back to the site where your feed is publish. And once your feed is listed, you will get a new link every time your feed provide new contents.
  • Submit Articles: although this approach is a bit difficult, time consuming and require knowlegde, but once you provide articles which relevant and worth in content, people will start linking to you site. Remember, write a  good, unique and make  people interest.

So, basically what you need to do is to provide a good content and relevant with the people need. Passive approach (people linking to you) much better rather than using a link exchange program scheme.