Need to increase your site rank? You must start to organize your content structure independent to the content layouting.

Following are my common website content structure. All contents are well organized, and the layout design is independent from the content structure

<title> … </title>
<meta name”description” content=”…”>
<div id=”content”>

<div id=”main_content” >
<h1> My content title ….</h1>
<div id=”content_preamble”> Some content preamble, use this to
maximize your keyword density</div>
<ul> list your sub content here</ul>
</div> <!– end of main content –>

<div id=”side_menu”> ….. </div>

<div id=”header_menu”> ….. </div>

<div id=”footer_menu”> ….. </div>

</div> <!– end of content –>

A bit wierd ??? No!! I try to present the most important content at first. The main content is the priority.

I put the header, footer and menu after the main content. What the reason of this structure?  Simple. Provide the search engine the content that we want to display on that page. Other section such as header, footer and menu will be duplicated on each page. So don’t bother the crawler with them. Give the main content, that’s the key!!!

The graphics layout is independent. You can present it in any way. It is  simple, if you use CSS based layout.