Google adsense is one of the premier money and income source in the internet. It works just by spreading the advertisement managed by google to the publisher websites.

The payment for publisher of this advertisement scheme is base on Pay Per Click, means, Google will pay the publisher with some amount of credit, which is depend on the rate for the specified keyword of the displayed ads.

It is work!!!.

The publisher subscription is free and simple. What you need is a website with primarily in english or some languages accepted by Adsense. If you don’t have one, create it. The easiest way is to create a blog, use since it is operated by google. Be friendly with google….

Apply for the subscription at

Once your subscription is accepted, you will have an account for lifetime. Keep it with you, and use it wisely. Since you will not be able to apply for a new one when you loose it.

What next??  Just insert the code provided by google into your website. and …. bim… sala … bim… Your web is now serving Google Ads.

To maximize your revenue do following tips and tricks:

  • better to use simple ads link rather than banner. Any one know that banner is an ads. But if you use the text link ads, you have a greater possibility to integrate with your content
  • put the ads in the spotted area in you web page.
  • make the ads appearance such as color scheme the same with yours
  • don’t use border around your ads. It separate the content with the ads.

Need more tips…???

I will write special for you in my next article…